Who I am…


Here’s a bit of info about me:


Charles Martel,
from Montreal,
Quebec, Canada.

I’m passionate about photography since about the age of 13, when I came across an ad for the “Time-Life Photography” book series, featuring a leopard lying near his prey, on the branch of a tree in the African savannah, all in front of a huge sun! Something similar to this image:



I immediately wanted to know more about the art and technique of creating such an image!

The Time-Life Photography book series

So I ordered the series and then avidly read these books, which naturally focused on film photography (film), since digital photography was still a dream in the minds of some engineers at the time.

40 years of photography!

It’s been a little more than 40 years I’m doing photography!


Does that mean that I know EVERYTHING about photography?

No, of course not! Photography is too vast a subject for a single person to totally and completely master. But let’s say that I have some experience in the field and that I intend to help you enjoy it too, as best as I can.

I also intend to get the help of colleagues and friends, specialists in their field, to enrich the site with their experience.

See you soon then!


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