Questions and answers about photography

Published Articles:

  1. What is photography?
  2. What are the origins of photography?
  3. What is a camera?
  4. What is a photographic lens?
  5. What is the focal length of a lens?
  6. What is a normal lens?
  7. What is a wide-angle lens?
  8. What is a telephoto lens?
  9. What is a zoom lens?
  10. What is a digital sensor?
  11. What is image resolution?
  12. What is a megapixel?
  13. What is “focus” in photography?
  14. What is depth of field?
  15. What is exposure in photography?
  16. What is ISO in photography?
  17. What is the diaphragm in photography?
  18. What is the F number (F-stop) in photography?
  19. It’s NOT the camera that creates the images! It’s YOU!
  20. Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony… What Camera Brand is the best?
  21. What does the mode dial (PASM) do on my camera?
  22. What is the “P” Mode for?
  23. What is the “A” Mode for?
  24. What is the “S” Mode for?
  25. What is the “M” Mode for?

Upcoming Articles:

  1. Is having a viewfinder important?
  2. Why and when to use a tripod?
  3. What is exposure compensation?
  4. What is a memory card?
  5. What is Autofocus?
  6. What is “noise” in an image?
  7. What are the factors affecting the quality of the images?
  8. How to choose the right camera?
  9. What is macro photography?
  10. What is the infrared photo?
  11. What is the perspective?

and many others …

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