It’s NOT the camera that creates the images! It’s YOU!

There is a primordial thing to understand about photography. A thing which often escapes the newcomers. And sometimes, and even often,  advanced amateurs and experts also:

It’s NOT the camera that creates the images! It’s YOU!

You find that surprising? Shocking EVEN? Yet, if you take the time to think about it, you’ll see it’s not such a stupid idea!

An expert

To prove it, you can do the following experiment: Put a simple digital camera, or better yet, a smartphone, in the hands of an excellent photographer, a real pro, an expert. It’s a safe bet that the images produced will be really interesting. Maybe not of the best technical quality. But well composed and with interesting subjects.

A beginner

Now take a highly sophisticated DSLR digital camera, one of the latest models, with every conceivable technical refinement. Throw in a complete set of the best lenses. And put them in the hands of a complete beginner. With no instruction on how to use them. What will the result be? It is extremely likely that the photos will be beginner’s images, with all the corresponding errors: Bad composition. Inappropriate exposure choice. Fuzzy subject. Etc. Unless the beginner in question is really talented, naturally.


Simply, because, again, it’s NOT the camera that creates the images!


So far as the choice of a digital camera suit your needs, if you want to excel in photography, it is vital that YOU learn in the techniques!

It is also essential that you practice YOUR art (yes, yes, your ART!) As often as possible and in as varied conditions as possible!

And with all that, happy shooting ! 😉

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